Our Services

Rail Freight

Rail services can be arranged between Zambia & Zimbabwe with the ability to manage and achieve stack dates via this route.

Sea Freight

With a Parent company that has been involved in Sea Freight for many years, negotiating best rates and provide outstanding services to must destinations.

Air Freight

Can be handled at either R.G Mugabe international Airport to all worldwide destinations.


Is available in both Harare and Bulawayo and consists of both free store and Bonded areas, ensuring that we can handle all types of cargo and requirements.

Zim Customs Clearing

Based on a unique Shared Service Customs Department, LEARNRITE GLOBAL LOGISTICS will provide fast and efficient processing and finalisation of all customs entries through all the major in-land border post, ports and International Airports. Deferment facilities are available at most of these borders, ensuring a smooth process and elimination of delays to customs payments The ability to utilise our own National Road Bond also enables us to service all customers with In Transit cargo and to manage the acquittal process carefully.